The Matte- your new makeup counter!

Posted by Melissa Clayton on 6/4/2014 to News
Living in Boston for 10 years all I ever had was small bathrooms with very little counter space.  Every morning while getting ready I placed my hairdryer and hair straightener on the toilet bowl ( I know gross) and balanced my make up bag on the corner of the pedestal sink.  So when I moved to suburbia in my late 30's I was excited for my 'big' bathroom.Wrong! Our 'master' bathroom was just as small as my city apartment so once again I was back to keeping my hair dryer and straightener on the toilet and my make up bag balanced on the counter.  My brushes would continually fall in the sink and get wet. I would drop make up on the floor and be annoyed when powders would break or liquid make up spill. Never mind that living with my husband and 3 little boys our bathroom floor and toilet were not pretty places.  I knew there had to be a solution.

The solution was my invention, ‘The Matte’.  The Matte is a simple, easy, affordable way to create an entire counter over your bathroom sink.  Instantly you will have a clean, durable surface to place all your makeup, hair appliances and skin care products.  The Matte allows you to ‘get ready’ in a stress free environment. You will be able to lay out all your make up, lotions and hair appliances and use as needed with out having to worry about dropping on the floor or placing on top of a dirty toilet. 

The Matte is light, compact and easy to store so it’s perfect to use at home or even when traveling.  The Matte folds to the size of an ipad case and will fit in your travel on suitcase and can be used to ‘freshen up’ in the airport bathroom. Going on cruise? Cruise liners are known to have very small bathrooms and minimal space to get ready.  The Matte will be a perfect champion on a cruise ship to give
you an entire counter to get ready.

We have a patent pending and feel confident once it is reviewed it will be approved.  We have secured a manufacturing partner that is committed to building the best possible product for us.